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Specializing in Strategic Tax Planning

Evans and Woulfe Accounting Inc., specializes in taxes for small to mid-size businesses.  We work with our clients and offer strategic tax planning resulting in minimizing their tax liability.  Because of our detailed and comprehensive expertise of taxes and the appropriate practices to achieve fiscal success, we are able apply big business strategies to the small to mid-size entities.  Our clients rely on Evans and Woulfe Accounting Inc. to identify and consider tax options that they didn’t know were available.

From home buyers credit to health-savings accounts and everything in between, Evans and Woulfe Accounting Inc. has been helping clients effectively manage their taxes for 30 years.  As advocates for our clients, we truly care about their success. You can trust the professionals at Evans and Woulfe Accounting Inc. to offer tactical solutions that will yield the best results.

We encourage our clients to work with us throughout the year to implement best practices, based on their specific goals.  In addition to tax preparation, our fees include year round tax planning, and audit representation, if necessary.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is a crucial component of financial strength. We offer year-round tax planning for individuals and businesses, to bring awareness to various tax scenarios for better decision making. Our experienced professionals can assist you in planning for future events and determining what actions will produce the most favorable tax effects.

Tax Return Preparation

We recognize that each situation is unique and we work with our clients to identify ways in which they can save money and take advantage of the many opportunities available to them when filing Individual Tax Returns.

When preparing Corporate and Partnership Tax Returns, we analyze your unique business situation and will consider which works best.  We review liability protection; profitability and financing as part of our tax return preparation.

Tax Return Assistance

We provide assistance with IRS audits, notices, payment plans, as well as other IRS representations.

Free Tax Return Review

The Evans and Woulfe Accounting Inc. team will gladly review tax returns that have been prepared and filed by another preparer or through a tax software program at no charge.



511 Thornhill Drive, Suite B
Carol Stream, IL 60188

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