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Tax Season Is Here!

GATHER tax documents such as W2s, 1099s, earned
interest, rental property, etc. in a safe place such as a
simple folder labeled 2017 Tax Documents.

THINK about contributing more dollars or even
starting a Roth or Traditional IRA. You can contribute
funds to IRAs up until April 15th to count for 2017
savings and contributions.

DOCUMENT deductions. Check out our website for
guidance on what you can deduct and other checklists
to help you get ready. Note that the IRS won’t accept a
credit card statement as proof of payment—KEEP

LIFE CHANGES: Did you get married this year? Have
a child? Start a business or buy a home? We will want
to know about any major changes, so we can help you
understand how it effects your taxes.

Useful Appointment Checklists

Common Appointment Checklists include: if you own a business, office in the home, partial medical list, personal and rental property.

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